Lodge Banner

THE LODGE BANNER. – Extract from the Bi-Centenary History of the Union Lodge – 1963

“The Banner is a possession of which the Lodge is justly proud. An extract from the Minutes of a meeting held on 1st January, 1834 reads that “Brother Hollams this evening presented a new silk Banner as a token of his attachment to the Craft and his esteem for the Lodge in particular. Proposed by Brother Hoffman and seconded by Brother Bettison and carried unanimously that the thanks of this Lodge be given to Brother Hollams for his presentation of the Banner which has drawn forth the attention and thanks of the Brethren.”

Brother Hollams, a tailor of High Street, Margate, and Worshipful Master in the years 1829 and 1830, may have had some part in its making. The word “new” implies that it replaced a Banner already possessed by the Lodge and which is mentioned as having been carried in the procession on the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone of the Margate Lighthouse by the Worshipful Master of the Lodge on 15th May, 1828. It is also probable that Brother Hollams wished that something of a more presentable character should be available for use at the Provincial Meeting to be held at Margate on 19th April, 1834.

It measures some four feet by three feet (1.2m x 0.9), and its simple form is in contrast to the more elaborate and decorative work of today. Executed in rich blue and gold, it must have presented a very handsome appearance. In the top corners are shown the Sun and Moon, and in the lower ones, the Square and Compasses, and the Level and Plumb Rule. The name “Union Lodge” is across the centre with the number 127 beneath. A closer examination reveals the insertion of this number in place of 149, the number by which the Lodge was known when the Banner was presented.

It was suspended by its cord above the Master’s chair until some thirty years ago (now 80 years!) when its fading and deteriorating condition called for some means of preservation. It was placed in a glazed frame and remains in its same position flanked by the Banners of the other three Lodges that meet in the Temple.”